COP’s unique appreciation for fast track performance as well as emergency response mobilization capabilities are available to support each client’s requirements.

Throughout the years, our general contracting services have included projects as diverse as dam rehabilitation, creating city bike paths, repairing and replacing ruptured sewer lines, and developing grizzly bear habitat.

From working in difficult conditions to overcoming nature’s challenges, our ability to deliver practical and creative construction solutions while protecting environmentally sensitive areas is proven.

Maintaining and enhancing society’s infrastructure dictates we have forward thinking and qualified professionals. Recognized for our performance record in the public works, commercial, and industrial arenas, COP Construction’s multi-disciplined services are focused on accomplishing the most challenging tasks.

From driving H-pile, to constructing cofferdams, to launching bridge beams across major waterways, COP consistently delivers. Our crews have worked across the region completing air carrier apron expansions, street reconstruction projects, developing trail systems, and building recreational facilities.

We are dedicated to meeting rigid specifications, efficiently undertaking simultaneous tasks, and beating tight deadlines.

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