COP is proud to announce the arrival of our new Schellvac Hydro Excavation unit. Alex and Serej Scheller are co-owners of Schellvac, a company based out of Winnipeg, MB Canada. The two personally delivered the Schellvac SVHXII Hydrovac to COP’s Billings, Montana office. This is the first unit of its kind to enter the United States. It is a state of the art unit that performs the hydro excavation process at much lower RPM’s than other trucks in its class, while maintaining top end performance. These lower RPM’s lend itself to lower fuel costs and less wear and tear on the truck, as well as the vacuum components. We are very excited to enter into the hydro excavation world, and will be performing this work as “COP Hydrovac Services”.

We will be available to any interested parties, both inside and outside the refineries. We anticipate not only doing hydro excavation work, but also doing utility location on our numerous underground utility jobs.

If you are interested in contacting us for our hydro excavation services please contact Jan Tabbert at 406-869-4259.