COP Construction has been employing some of the best talent in the construction industry for over 70 years. As the industry changes and moves forward, so do we. COP does this by continuously educating, training and diversifying our people, so we always have the best talent in the pipeline and an edge on our competition. COP Construction believes that the strongest leaders are right in front of us. Therefore, we have developed The Leadership Development Program that will help deliver the successful future of the Company for many years to come. This Program is designed for individuals that have a desire to become a Leader in the Construction Industry and advance their careers with COP Construction. The Program will give future LEADers the opportunity to develop the necessary technical, managerial and leadership skills that are needed for a successful construction career. Members in the program are called “LEADers”, and will exemplify the following attributes…

  • L eadership

  • E xceed Expectations

  • A chieve Goals

  • D edication to the company

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